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Cotton Bags Things You Ought To Know

Cotton Bags- Things You Ought to Know

Cotton bags or cloth bags can be reused a number of times. The biggest advantage of these bags over plastic or paper bags is that they do cause less harm to the environment compared to the other two. While plastic is not bio-degradable, which makes such bags a big no-no, paper bags are made at the expense of trees. That is something we can’t afford anymore.

So, though plastic and paper bags, in most cases, come for free, cloth bags come with a price, which is nominal to save mother earth. Cotton bags are made from fibres of hemp plants. Cotton threads are thick and thus cloth bags are tough enough to stand regular wear and tear. They are hard enough to carry heavy weights. Hemp bags can be used “a hundred times”. Sometimes a stiff cardboard is inserted in the base of cotton bags to make them more stable and long-lasting. 

Cotton bags can be weaved into various shapes, a quality that is making them popular by the day. A few twists and spins of style can make them trendy and cool, coveted in the wardrobes of fashion- forward youngsters. 

Cotton threads can be stitched into useful tote bags that can carry a variety of items. You can customise a cotton bag to match your style, add logo to it to make a style statement. Cotton bags are omnipresent in markets in various colours, shapes and sizes. Designers are also working on them to give them new and innovative looks to make them a prised possession for consumers with finer tastes. 

These natural-fibre bags are made from traditional cotton, organic cotton or recycled cotton bags. However, all good things said about cotton bags, its biggest disadvantage is the large carbon footprint it creates — a factor that causes global warming. So, as per environmental experts, a cotton bag should be used 131 times to recompense this effect. 


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