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Things You Wanted To Know About Canvas Bags

Things You Wanted to Know About Canvas bags

Canvas, made of cotton, linen or hemp, is gaining popularity by the day. It is a heavy-duty fabric made out of a plain weave. There are two types of canvasses: plain and duck. Threads are more tightly woven in case of duck canvasses, so they are stronger. Canvas bags are eco-friendly substitutes of plastic pouches. Canvas bags come in various sizes. Various global as well as local brands are promoting these bags by giving them design twists.

Wide varieties of canvas bags are designed and manufactured to suit any purpose or occasion. These bags can add style to a woman’s wardrobe to give new looks.

Among the various types available, canvas tote bags are most common and mainly preferred over all other types. Canvas is a good medium for painting and absorbs paints well, besides being durable. So, they can be made into fancy and funky bags serving all the purposes that a bag is meant for. The prints don’t peel or the material doesn’t flake off. So, the bags can be easily washed and reused without damaging the print or the design.

A very popular type of canvas bag is the waxed canvas bag. It gives a dry feel, has a pleasant texture with a vintage charm. It is resistant to wear and tear, and if maintained properly, it will give a lifetime of service. Another important quality is that it’s waterproof.

Normal canvas bags can be used as shopping bags. Numerous small plastic pouches can replace one strong canvas bag. It’s convenient to carry in crowded market places and trendy enough to be taken to elite shopping malls. Canvas hand bags are cool and fanciful. Various printed bags are available these days bearing social messages. These bags are trend-setters.

Canvas bags can also be used as sports bags and backpacks. They light weighted, so can be carried during road trips. They are hardy, and so are useful even if you are going on trekking.



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